Stacey & Jim in Alderley Edge

Despite a rather overcast evening in stunning Alderley Edge, Stacey and Jim (plus their two loveable hounds!) were easily able to make their love shine through the forbidding clouds. Photographing them was such a pleasure and they were perfectly at ease in front of the camera. This attractive couple were able to make the dramatic scenery around us, fade into the background. I very much look forward to shooting their wedding at the end of August this year.

SJ3.jpgSJ 1.jpgSJ2.jpgSJ5.jpgSJ4.jpgSJ6.jpgSJ11.jpgSJ13.jpgSJ16.jpgSJ17.jpgSJ18.jpgSJ19.jpgSJ9.jpgSJ10.jpgSJ20.jpgSJ21.jpgSJ22.jpgSJ23.jpgSJ24.jpgSJ25.jpgSJ28.jpgSJ8.jpgSJ29.jpgSJ30.jpgSJ33.jpgSJ26.jpgSJ27.jpg

Click here for the wedding pictures.

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