Anna & Simon | Ashfield House

Anna & Simon tied the knot this March at the historic Ashfield House in Wigan. Anna was a vision of grace in her stunning, lace covered gown of ivory. Her simple bouquet of peach roses matched Anna’s own understated elegance to a tee. Simon was handsome in blue and his beaming smile completed his outfit perfectly! The bridesmaids were gorgeous in peach, particularly Simon and Anna’s little daughter who was completely adorable! The venue, Ashfield House was stylish and grand indeed. The actual room where the wedding was held was flooded with light, which highlighted the subtle egg shell and alabaster colour scheme. Perfect for a wedding photographer to work in! This handsome couple shone throughout the day and the event was filled with warmth and joy. A delightful day for a wonderful couple.¬†Here are some wedding photos from the day.

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