Formby Beach Pre Wedding Photography | Lyndsey & Paul

Last week I met Lyndsey & Paul at the glorious pine wood forest at Formby Beach. We were blessed with one of our rare days of summer sun so far and the light streamed in through the trees with magnificent drama, allowing for some truly effective shots. A delightful stroll through the forest and we arrived at the beach. The majestic sand dunes coupled with the stretching sand and gentle sunset helped create a real sense of romance. Lyndsey and Paul’s delight in each other is plain to see throughout and I can hardly wait for the actual wedding day. Let’s hope it brings a similar day of sun!

Formby pre wedding-1.jpgFormby pre wedding-2.jpgFormby pre wedding-52.jpgFormby pre wedding-46.jpgFormby pre wedding-39.jpgFormby pre wedding-32.jpgFormby pre wedding-16.jpgFormby pre wedding-22.jpgFormby pre wedding-57.jpgFormby pre wedding-60.jpgFormby pre wedding-61.jpgFormby pre wedding-67.jpgFormby pre wedding-70.jpgFormby pre wedding-72.jpgFormby pre wedding-104.jpgFormby pre wedding-107.jpgFormby pre wedding-111.jpgFormby pre wedding-113.jpgFormby pre wedding-120.jpgFormby pre wedding-127.jpgFormby pre wedding-133.jpgFormby pre wedding-138.jpgFormby pre wedding-141.jpgFormby pre wedding-145.jpgFormby pre wedding-163.jpgFormby pre wedding-161.jpgFormby pre wedding-167.jpgFormby pre wedding-191.jpgFormby pre wedding-177.jpgFormby pre wedding-182.jpgFormby pre wedding-187.jpgFormby pre wedding-193.jpgFormby pre wedding-194.jpg
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