Salford Wedding Photography

Zoe and Alex got married at the Swinton Registry office followed by a reception close to their house in Tyldesley. It was a truly enjoyable day filled with emotion and happiness. Here is a selection of images from the day..

Wedding photography Salford-227

Wedding photography Salford-38.jpgWedding photography Salford-80.jpgWedding photography Salford-78.jpgWedding photography Salford-11.jpgWedding photography Salford-70.jpgWedding photography Salford-71.jpgWedding photography Salford-32.jpgWedding photography Salford-14.jpgWedding photography Salford-17.jpgWedding photography Salford-27.jpgWedding photography Salford-44.jpgWedding photography Salford-40.jpgWedding photography Salford-75.jpgWedding photography Salford-42.jpgWedding photography Salford-56.jpgWedding photography Salford-53.jpgWedding photography Salford-58.jpgWedding photography Salford-69.jpgWedding photography Salford-73.jpgWedding photography Salford-82.jpgWedding photography Salford-96.jpgWedding photography Salford-94.jpgWedding photography Salford-98.jpgWedding photography Salford-100.jpg1.jpgWedding photography Salford-87.jpgWedding photography Salford-127.jpgWedding photography Salford-131.jpgWedding photography Salford-132.jpgWedding photography Salford-138.jpgWedding photography Salford-134.jpgWedding photography Salford-137.jpgWedding photography Salford-145.jpgWedding photography Salford-140.jpgWedding photography Salford-142.jpgWedding photography Salford-152.jpgWedding photography Salford-157.jpgWedding photography Salford-218.jpgWedding photography Salford-219.jpgWedding photography Salford-223.jpgWedding photography Salford-227.jpg2.jpgWedding photography Salford-201.jpg3.jpgWedding photography Salford-311.jpgWedding photography Salford-332.jpgWedding photography Salford-269.jpgWedding photography Salford-317.jpgWedding photography Salford-321.jpg


I had met them both earlier in the year for a pre wedding shoot and a chat. Shooting with them before certainly helped me get to know them. Click here for images from their pre wedding shoot.

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