Sandhole Oak Barn Wedding Photography | Louise and Andy

Louise and Andy’s special day was held at the picturesque Sandhole Oak Barn. The setting was perfectly tranquil. Everything from the serene lake outside to the stylish, understated interior of the converted barn sang gently of peace. The perfect place to tie the knot. Louise looked glorious in her lace gown while Andy was dashingly suited, splashes of peach impeccably matching the bride’s bouquet. The day was one of joy and harmony all round. A real pleasure to be a part of indeed. Here are some pictures from the day.

Sandhole Oak Barn

Sandhole Oak Farm-2.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-3.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-4.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-35.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-36.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-109.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-27.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-26.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-83.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-81.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-40.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-90.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-105.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-88.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-28.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-52.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-6.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-9.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-46.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-45.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-49.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-65.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-68.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-66.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-73.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-63.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-100.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-96.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-97.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-99.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-110.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-111.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-115.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-116.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-119.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-122.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-125.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-129.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-131.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-132.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-140.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-144.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-157.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-176.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-186.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-204.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-208.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-222.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-386.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-390.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-398.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-394.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-401.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-415.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-418.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-421.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-422.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-426.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-429.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-448.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-454.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-457.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-470.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-340.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-324.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-318.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-311.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-481.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-479.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-300.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-487.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-492.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-509.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-523.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-526.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-528.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-533.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-548.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-550.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-543.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-562.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-566.jpgSandhole Oak Farm-565.jpg
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