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Venue for a Pre wedding or an Engagement Photography shoot

So how do you decide which is the right venue for your pre wedding or engagement shoot ? Let me try and answer this for you- I always suggest that we shoot at a place that is most familiar to the couple as this will usually make them feel comfortable. It also means that they are in a place they have been to before and have some personal connection to the venue. If in case couples want me to suggest a venue I suggest the following-

1: Fletcher Moss – This botanical garden in Didsbury is an ideal place for a pre wedding shoot. It has one of the best collection of exotic plants in the city and is next door to Parsonage gardens. I feel you can photograph a variety of photographs in the area. There is also a pub close by to have a coffee and relax for a chat.

2: Heaton Park – This is an absolutely massive park with loads of different spots for beautiful photography. There is a boating club, old trams and animal park.

3: Haigh Hall – Situated in Wigan this is another top spot for photography. Great woods and a train tack. It also has superb views of the Welsh valley with amazing sunsets.

There are several more parks and gardens in the Greater Manchester area and I always like to leave the final decision to the couple, as after all its their pictures and they need to be happy with the choice of the venue.

Pre wedding photography at a park in Denton, tameside-1.jpgPre wedding photography at a park in Denton, tameside-3.jpg

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