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What kind of Wedding photographer should you hire ?

There are many things for the couple to sort out! One of the most important things on the lengthy to-do list is choosing the right photographer for you. I am going to try and give you some insights into the world of wedding photography which might help.

There are several thousand wedding photographers out there. Only some of them are full time wedding photographers and of that group, only some are any good and (again!) of that group, only some are people you will get on with or want to have at your wedding. Also there’s the issue of the budget. So, who do you choose when the options are endless? My advice is to go with a photographer whose work you like. By that I mean their style of photography and the products they are offering. Also, try and stay away from weekend photographers as they often only shoot weddings for fun and are not professionals. I have written about this previously on my blog so won’t go on about it again but you need a professional full time photographer as the day can’t be recreated.

I have noticed some very good photographers offer a very poor standard of wedding albums. There is little point in spending a small fortune on your wedding pictures just to find out later that your album is not the best. I offer Queensberry Albums and these are widely perceived as the best ones around. I also offer albums from Sim2000 which also has an excellent finish and is easy on the pocket.

You should try and speak to, or even better, meet your wedding photographer before the wedding day. I offer a pre wedding shoot and consultation a few weeks before the wedding to meet the couple and get to know them. This also gives us a chance to agree on the kind of images they want and together we create a wedding photography schedule.

Furthermore, you must check if your photographer has proper professional equipment and insurance. You should ask about back up cameras and lenses as, like any other machine, cameras can pack up in the middle of a shoot. Another thing to look into is the wedding photography contract to know exactly what you are getting into and most professional photographers will sign a contract with you.

Ultimately, you will only be satisfied with the photographs if you get top class images, an amazing service and a great album to remember your special day. So choose your wedding photographer very carefully and enjoy the process of creating quality images with a professional. A slight cliché is that wedding photography is an investment and not an expense. Your wedding pictures done by a professional are more likely to give you the joy you deserve.

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