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Nether Alderley and Alderley Edge Hotel Wedding Photographer

Recently I had the very great pleasure of photographing Lucy and Perry on their wedding day. The two were joined in matrimony at the breath-taking, 14th Century church, St Mary’s in Nether Alderly, followed by a reception at the delightful Alderley Edge Hotel. From the top of her elegantly styled hair to the tips of her enviable Jimmy Choo’s, Lucy was every bit the beautiful bride. Her fitted, lace wedding dress suited her perfectly. The lovely bridesmaids and the mother of the bride arrived at the church in an exquisite Rolls Royce while Lucy and her dad chose a jauntier method of transport, showcasing her father’s collection of classic cars through this gorgeous red Lotus Elan Sprint. The ceremony itself was both a touching and joyous occasion in the traditional setting of St Mary’s. The delight of both the couple and their families and friends was clear to see. Once Lucy and Perry had become Mr and Mrs, they drove away in the funky Lotus to join their loved ones at the Alderley Edge Hotel. The wedding photography of the couple clearly illustrate their delight in both their triumphant day as well as in their love of each other. I particularly love the shots where Lucy and Perry are together. Here are some pictures from the day.


Nether Alderley Church and Alderley Edge Hotel Wedding Photographer-535


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Wychwood Golf Club and St Marys Nantwich Wedding Photography

Tiffany and James got married at the absolutely stunning St Mary’s Church in Nantwith and then had their reception at the Wychwood Golf Club. Here are some images from their wedding.

Wychwood Golf Club and st marys nantwich-549



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Wedding Photographer Manchester and Cheshire

If your’e thinking about why you should hire a professional wedding photographer in Manchester then let me try and give you a few reason why…

Your wedding day is one day you need someone who is a professional to take your pictures. I’m sure all your friends have amazing cameras on their phones or even great point and shoot cameras. Some of you might even have a very enthusiastic uncle or aunt or friend with a several thousand pound camera willing and offering to shoot your wedding photographs for free. They probably will even do a reasonable job, but the main reason to hire a professional is that this is their job. They will have solid professional cameras, at least 3 different lenses, a back up camera, a professional flash gun and most importantly they will know how to process your images. A person who lives for his craft will no doubt have the knowledge and ability to handle most unusual situations thrown at them.
One of the other reason is that a good amateur might have a descent eye for photographs but experience is very important in a high pressure situation like a wedding. There is no chance of re shooting the photographs. Processing images is a very tough and important part of the job. This is what you pay most of your money for as this takes the most amount of time. I for one use 3 different software’s to post process images. This would typically take me over a week per wedding. There are wedding photographers who would just process images in batches but attention to detail makes images special for a long time to come and stand out. If I used filters, like some wedding photographers then all my wedding photography would look the same. Most importantly it will not look the same as another wedding photographers work, its truly unique. One more thing, if your cousin or uncle had a £1000 pair of scissors would you let him cut your hair ? You hire a professional for an important job, simple.

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Wedding Photography in Cheshire

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